Safety Leaflet


Because it is all too easy for a person to discharge a firearm accidentally or in the wrong direction it is of paramount importance that everyone taking part in this sport keeps the need to act safely in the forefront of their minds. Safety must become a natural habit. The safety rules must be learnt and adhered to at all times. Make no apology for talking about safety, even to experienced shooters..

Safety is divided into three areas:

Safety at home

Safety at the club

Safety at the firing point


Proving a firearm means examining it to ensure that it is unloaded, not only to your satisfaction but also to the satisfaction of the Range Officer and other people. To prove a semi-automatic rifle first remove the magazine, and then open the action, look at the face of the slide to ensure that a round is not held there by a faulty ejector.

A Range Officer can insist that a person guilty of a breach of the safety rules leave the range immediately and can be disqualified from that competition.

Safety is only achieved by never ending vigilance.

Personal Safety Equipment

It is strongly recommended that all shooters make use of: